IFD&TC Co-Site Coordinator – Role Description

IFD&TC Co-Site Coordinator – Role Description

The International Field Directors & Technology Conference elects 2 individuals to act as Co-Site Coordinators for each year’s conference.  Each of these co-site positions are four years in duration, and are offset so that one is elected every two years.

The IFD&TC Charter states:

The directors of the IFD&TC are to be elected for multi-year, staggered appointments by a plurality vote of members in attendance at the annual Business Meeting. Terms and voting rotations are provided in the Bylaws of the IFD&TC. 

The complete IFD&TC charter is available at: https://ifdtc.org/charter/

The IFD&TC By-laws state:

5.2.1 Site Chairpersons

The two site chairpersons conduct site research and suggest locations for the annual conference. The site chairpersons are responsible for coordinating the selection of conference sites and serving as the primary points-of-contact with conference site staff, and ensuring appropriate conference support.

Expectations of Co-Site Coordinators

  • Attend the conference regularly, and in particular, attend each of the four years of their term as Co-Site Coordinator.
  • Assist with all aspects of site selection, coordination with hotel, and space planning for the conference.
  • Manage all catering for the conference.
  • Manage all audio-visual arrangements for the conference

Primary Duties of Co-Site Coordinators

  • Participate in two planning conference calls per month from September through May of each year.
  • Work with the program team to arrange appropriate space at the conference venue for each session.
  • Make a site-visit to the city of the following year’s conference to evaluate potential venues.  Note that the Site-Coordinators do not select the city for each conference.  IFD&TC follows the AAPOR conference each year, and must take place in the same or a nearby city per the conference by-laws. Travel and lodging for this site-visit are paid for by the conference.  The employer of each Co-Site Coordinator agrees to allow the Co-Site Coordinator time to attend this site-visit when they confirm their support of the staff person during the nomination process.
  • Manage contract negotiations and financial issues with the conference hotel.
  • Manage all food and beverage catering with the conference hotel.
  • Manage all audio-visual provider selection and arrangements for the conference.

Note that the Co-Site Coordinator’s employer must agree to fund the Co-Site’s travel, hotel and registration fees for each year’s conference attendance, and agrees to allow the Co-Site Coordinator to attend the conference each of the 4 years of their term.