8C – Technical Challenges and Solutions in Center Management

Technical Challenges and Solutions in Center Management
Panel Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
8C - Field

1:30pm-2:45pm on Tuesday, 5/21/2019


Lew Berman, ICF

Session Focus
This panel will discuss two sets of challenges and solutions in center management. Telephone based surveys typically use supervisory staff to live-monitor interviewers or manually review recordings for effective speech rate, properly reading a question, and accurately recording a response. General industry practice is to review 5-10% of all calls. However, these practices are labor intensive, subjective, and the evidence for this range of review is anecdotal. This panel will discuss current call center practices and new technical solutions for improving these practices. Spam blockers are having an increasing impact on our ability to contact respondents by phone. Panelists will share research about spam blockers, how they affect centers with different telephone systems, and possible solutions to ensure your calls get through to study participants.

  • Lewis Berman, ICF
  • Kate Hobson, NORC at University of Chicago
  • Steve Coombs, University of Wisconsin Survey Center
  • Kallan Larsen, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)