7C – Small Shop Roundtable

Small Shop Roundtable
Roundtable Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
7C - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/22/2018

David Northrup, York University - Institute for Social Research

Session Focus
Come share your experiences.  Tell your colleagues about challenges that you have solved, challenges where you are weighing possible solutions and looking for advice, and challenges that look daunting and you are not sure where to start.  This session is an opportunity for shops to talk about problems they face and to consider solutions that have been implemented in other organizations that have similar constraints in terms of size, dollars, and a regulatory framework largely dictated by a larger organization like a university, NGO, or government institution.  While the topics covered will mostly depend on audience interest, unfinished conversations from the Monday Small Shops Panel Roundtable will also be entertained.  As in past conferences, the Roundtable is designed to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas, and adapting to insure that your small shop prospers.   The IFD&TC leadership has commissioned a "Small Shops Engagement Committee" and members of that committee have spent time reviewing small shops issues and, as appropriate, they will facilitate the conversation.