7A – Challenges with Web Surveys

Challenges with Web Surveys
Presentation & Discussion: Survey Methodology
7A - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/21/2019

David Northrup, York University - Institute for Social Research

Session Focus
This session will include presentations on recent challenges, and solutions, with web surveys on topics such as experiment on email recruitment, encouraging web response and high data quality.

  • Impact of Email Preview Panes on Web Survey Response Rates - Erica Moore, Indiana University Center for Survey Research
  • Embedded Survey Questions: An Approach to Encourage Web Response in Mixed Mode Government Surveys? - Hannah Bent, Tetra Tech; Becca Cevilla, Tetra Tech
  • Item Missing Data: Prompting Essential Questions - Ryan Yoder, UM – Survey Research Operations, Survey Research Center; Heather Schroeder, UM – Survey Research Operations, Survey Research Center
  • Increasing Web Response Rates on a Small Budget with a Sample of College Students - Noelle Poirier, IMPAQ International, LLC; Samuel Kofi Ampaabeng, IMPAQ International, LLC; John Wendt, IMPAQ International, LLC; Donna Perlmutter, IMPAQ International, LLC