7A – Response Rates

Response Rates
Presentation & Discussion: Survey Methodology
7A - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/22/2018

Jeanette Ziegenfuss, HealthPartners Institute

Session Focus
Presentation discusses response rates and discusses sponsorship in surveys.

  • Using Prenotification Letters to Collect Email Addresses in an Establishment Survey - Joshua Langeland, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Addressing Tracking & Response Rate Challenges in a Farmland Owner Longitudinal Study - Janice Larson, Iowa State University - CSSM; Allison Anderson, Iowa State University - CSSM
  • Exploring Reasons for Participation and Non-Participation in Establishment Surveys - Robin Kaplan, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Jennifer Edgar, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Does Sponsorship Matter? Lessons Learned from Leveraging a Federal Sponsor in Email Communications. - Jeff Franklin, RTI International
  • Calls from Ivory Towers: Partisan Participation Disparities in University-Sponsored Surveys - Tracy Keirns, University of New Hampshire