7A – Response Rates

Response Rates
Presentation & Discussion: Survey Methodology
7A - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/22/2018

Grand Mesa F

Jeanette Ziegenfuss, HealthPartners Institute

Session Focus
Those that work in survey research are all too familiar with the fact that response rates have been in decline over the past few years. The problem is not dependent upon the size of the shop, nor the mode or survey content. These presentations cover a wide variety of innovative solutions to help the decline in response.

  • Using Prenotification Letters to Collect Email Addresses in an Establishment Survey - Joshua Langeland, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Addressing Tracking & Response Rate Challenges in a Farmland Owner Longitudinal Study - Janice Larson, Iowa State University - CSSM; Allison Anderson, Iowa State University - CSSM
  • Exploring Reasons for Participation and Non-Participation in Establishment Surveys - Robin Kaplan, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Jennifer Edgar, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Does Sponsorship Matter? Lessons Learned from Leveraging a Federal Sponsor in Email Communications. - Jeff Franklin, RTI International
  • Calls from Ivory Towers: Partisan Participation Disparities in University-Sponsored Surveys - Tracy Keirns, University of New Hampshire