3D – Topics in Technical Infrastructure and Best Practice

Topics in Technical Infrastructure and Best Practice
Presentation & Discussion: General Tech (Hard Tech)
3D - Tech

1:30pm-2:45pm on Monday, 5/20/2019

Tom Thomson

Orin Day, RTI International

Session Focus
Presenters will provide an eclectic take on various infrastructure issues impacting survey centers. Many centers are experiencing pressure to migrate to cloud-based platforms for a range of services. Longstanding concerns regarding security and testing are also addressed.

  • Benefits of Exploratory Testing Using Test Charters - Sangeetha Immani, RTI International
  • Cloud Ascension: Architecting Intelligent Cloud Solutions - Chris Griggs, RTI International
  • Security Vulnerabilities in Account Management - Anwar Mohammed, RTI International
  • Shifting Sands – Addressing the Challenges of Windows 10 Updates to Field Laptops - Orin Day, RTI International; Jim Pratt, RTI International; YHung Mlo, RTI International
  • RAPTER® 2.0 – Mathematica Principles in SaaS Product Development - Mark Lafferty, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.