3A – Large Studies

Large Studies
Presentation & Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
3A - Field

1:30pm-2:45pm on Monday, 5/20/2019

Toronto II

Gina Cheung, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)

Session Focus
Large scale data collection efforts provide unique opportunities for learning about center and staff management. This session will highlight multiple aspects of four large data collection efforts from different organizations.

  • Laying the Groundwork for a Multi-Mode Study: Coordination and Quality Assurance Activities Across Different Teams and Data Collection Modes - Suzanne Caflisch, RAND Survey Research Group; Rosa-Elena Garcia, RAND Survey Research Group
  • 700 Interviewers, 100,000 cases, 5 months? Oh My! - Kimberly Courey, NORC at the University of Chicago; Vicki Wilmer, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • The 2020 Census Integrated Partnerships and Communications Program: A Research-Based Campaign - Kaile Bower, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Managing Field Work for Improving Data Collection in a Large Scale Study: Experiences of the Malaysia Ageing and Retirement Survey - Gina Cheung, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC); Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)