Tech Topics

2017 Suggested Tech Topics

Return of the Tech Showcase, and Focused Technology Sessions

2017 will mark the return of the Tech Showcase – multiple simultaneous “booth style” presentations to share recent survey technology innovations. Please submit an abstract describing your Tech Showcase idea, including information about any space or AV requirements. Please note that other technology presentations, panels or round tables will not be presented during the Tech Showcase to allow all interested attendees the flexibility to attend.

If you would like to volunteer to present a “focused technology” session, please contact a Tech Program Team Member, Orin Day or
Adam Zammit, to discuss your idea. focused Technology Sessions typically last about 1 hour and fifteen minutes , and provide an in-depth, hands on type of training for Tech conference attendees.

More 2017 Suggested Tech Topics

Data Collection Systems, Software, and Devices:

  • Mobile and web survey hosting. Optimizing instruments across multiple devices. Incorporating multimedia.
  • Integrating wearable technology and sensors.
  • Multi-Mode Survey Systems – authoring tools, data collection implementations, challenges.
  • The Universe of Mobile Devices – native code vs. device independent solutions – portability vs. performance.
  • International Data Collection – technological challenges & successes, language support.
  • Survey Languages, Platforms, and Systems.
  • Experiments in survey technology.
  • Open Source Software – Use and development of open source software, leveraging open source products in survey data collection workflow.
  • Web scraping, Text Mining and other non-traditional data collections.

Data Management and Reporting:

  • Big Data – tools and techniques for effective use and management; integration of multiple data sources.
  • Administrative Data and Social Media Data.
  • Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) – developing surveys to accommodate DDI metadata collection – curation of data sets and metadata standardization – tools, sustaining usability of data.
  • Para data – Collection, management, uses (ex: Responsive and Adaptive Design).
  • Data Visualization and Reporting.
  • Tagged databases for unstructured data; non-relational.

Tech Infrastructure and Tools :

    • Call center infrastructure: maintenance & improvements, physical vs. cloud, Centralized location vs remote callers, IVR.
    • Data storage challenges.
    • Data Security – environments including cloud computing, field technology, securing field data collection .
    • New methods for questionnaire and systems testing – integrated testing, automated testing methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
    • Mapping Technologies for Survey and Field – mapping services, GPS, GIS, and drones.
    • Multimedia: Use in surveys, quality control, e-learning systems.
    • Tools for Response coding – new technologies and procedures.