2B – Quality Control and Interviewer Performance

Quality Control and Interviewer Performance
Presentation & Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
2B - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Monday, 5/21/2018

Grand Mesa F

Carol Wintheiser, University of Wisconsin Survey Center

Session Focus
This session will explore approaches to quality control to improve interviewer performance and detect falsification.  Presentations will cover both qualitative and quantitative approaches to working with quality control data.

  • Developing a Quality Control Protocol for Evaluation of Recorded Interviews - Lisa Holland, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC); Margaret Hudson, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)
  • Effective Methods for Detecting Field Interviewer Falsification - Katelan McDaniel, RTI International
  • Putting Data Quality Metrics to Work - Alanah Raykovich, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • On A Scale of 1 to 3: Qualitative and Quantitative Documentation of Field Staff Performance on a Project - Andrea Sims, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)