11C – Monitoring Interviewers and Ensuring Quality Control

Monitoring Interviewers and Ensuring Quality Control
Presentation & Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
11C - Field

9:00am-10:15am on Wednesday, 5/22/2019


Hillary Hanson, University of Chicago Survey Lab

Session Focus
This session will focus on systems and strategies to assess data quality and protocol standardization among interviewers.

  • The Use of a Centralized Monitoring Evaluation System to Assess Trends and Interrater Reliability - Stacey Bell, RTI International
  • How to Improve the Quality Control Assessment Process and its Efficiency: Lessons Learned from a Data-Driven Approach - Yu-chieh Lin, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)
  • Promoting Data Quality and Protocol Standardization in Multi-Vendor Data Collection Efforts - Joshua Wolf, RAND Survey Research Group; Deborah Kim, RAND Survey Research Group