IFD&TC Co-Registrar – Role Description

IFD&TC Co-Registrar – Role Description

The International Field Directors & Technology Conference elects 2 individuals to act as Co-Registrar for each year’s conference.  Each of these registrar positions are four years in duration, and are offset so that one is elected every two years.

The IFD&TC Charter states:

The directors of the IFD&TC are to be elected for multi-year, staggered appointments by a plurality vote of members in attendance at the annual Business Meeting. Terms and voting rotations are provided in the Bylaws of the IFD&TC. 

The complete IFD&TC charter is available at: https://ifdtc.org/charter/

The IFD&TC By-laws state:

5.2.2 The two registrars plan for and handle both advance and onsite registration for the annual conference.
The registrars are responsible for all conference registration activities and performing all administrative functions of the Board of Directors.

5.2.3 Recording Secretary
Unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors on an ad hoc basis, the Registrars shall ensure that proper notice is given for meetings, and are responsible for recording and distributing minutes of meetings. In the absence of a Registrar, the Board of Directors shall appoint a person to act as Secretary at a particular meeting by consensus.

Expectations of Co-Registrars

  • Attend the conference regularly, and in particular, attend each of the four years of their term as Co-Registrar.
  • Work with their co-registrar to assist with all aspects of planning and running the conference.
  • Assist the Program Chair Persons as they rotate on to the board, giving them guidance and providing them with documentation.
  • Oversee the website for IFD&TC.
  • Oversee preparation and implementation of the call for participation, abstract submission, and registration processes.

Primary Duties of Co-Registrars

    • Participate in two planning conference calls per month from September through May of each year.
    • Prepare the website to accept abstract submissions each year, November through mid-January.
    • Plan and lead the program planning meeting each year in January following the close of the abstract submission process. The purpose of the meeting is to organize abstract submissions into cohesive breakout sessions and ensure that relevant and emerging topics are covered at each conference. This meeting is approximately 2 days in length, and is often hosted by an IFD&TC member organization, but moves to different cities depending upon which organization agrees to host the meeting. The employer of each Co-Registrar or the co-registrar personally is responsible for all travel and lodging costs for this meeting.  The employer of the co-registrar agrees to allow them to attend this meeting when they confirm their support of the staff person during the nomination process.  The program is expected to be complete in draft form at the close of this meeting.
    • Research and recruit keynote speakers, one Field and one Tech, each year.
    • Assist program team to recruit additional presenters or panelists based on the needs of the program following abstract submissions.
    • Prepare the website for registration.

The IFD&TC website is programmed in WordPress, and at least one of the co-registrars must be able to program and maintain the website, or have staff at their organization able to do so.

  • Assist with various portions of the conference, such as checking in attendees as they arrive at the conference, collecting and evaluating conference evaluations etc.
  • Manage all registration related banking activities.


Note that the Co-Registrar’s employer must agree to fund the Co-Registrar’s travel, hotel and registration fees for each year’s conference attendance, and agrees to allow the Co-Registrar to attend the conference each of the 4 years of their term. The conference does NOT provide any funding to the co-registrars, and they are required to pay full price for conference registration fees, hotel and any other travel costs.