12A – Tracking and Locating

Tracking and Locating
Presentation & Discussion: Field
12A - Field

9:00 am-10:15 am on Wednesday, 05/24/2017

River Room

Ella Kemp, NORC

Session Focus

Challenges and lessons learned when tracking and locating respondents

  • Using Facebook to Locate and Track Respondents for a Longitudinal Survey of Welfare Recipients - Sandy Yang, RAND Corporation; Beverly Weidmer, RAND Corporation
  • Hit the Road Jack: Increasing Response Rates by Sending an Interviewer into the Field - Fred Mills, RAND Corporation; Rick Garvey, RAND Corporation
  • It's Been a Long Time: Locating Respondents 20 Years Later - Casey Tischner, RTI International
  • Tracking Respondents for a Longitudinal Panel Survey of Welfare Recipients: Lessons Learned from The California Socioeconomic Survey (CalSES) - Beverly Weidmer, RAND Corporation


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