How to Submit an Abstract

How to Submit an Abstract

The abstract submission window for the IFD&TC 2018 closes on January 12, 2018.

Important Tip:  The majority of abstracts submitted to IFD&TC are accepted!  We encourage you to submit only as many abstracts as you are prepared to present.  As a small conference, IFD&TC depends on those whose abstracts are accepted to actually attend and present in order to make the conference a success for all of us.  Notification of abstract acceptance occurs in late February each year.

Please visit our FAQ page for helpful information about submitting an abstract.

Ready to begin your submission?

  1. Open the My Abstracts page
  2. Log in
  3. After successfully logging in, you will see your Dashboard. If you have already started an abstract, you should see it listed under My Abstracts.   You can also click on +New Abstract to start a new abstract, or Logout from this page.
  4. Click on the +New Abstract tab
    • Use this form to enter your 2018 conference abstracts
      • Each abstract should only be entered once, even if multiple people will present
    • Enter the details for your abstract – all fields are required
      • Enter Title
      • In the main text box, please type or paste in a maximum of two pages including:
        • Description of your presentation topic
        • What might the audience learn from your presentation?
      • Enter a comma-separated list of Keywords for your abstract.
      • Select the Topic that best fits your abstract.  For examples, see the suggested Field Topics or Tech Topics
      • Presenters
        • Enter ALL Names, Emails, and Organizations for inclusion in the conference program.  Please do NOT include names of people who contribute to your presentation, but will not be attending the conference to present.  Note that the text for the program is drawn from this field, and will appear exactly as you enter it, so please enter this information carefully.
      • Contact Person
        • Enter Name and Email of the main contact person. If the Presenter and Contact Person are the same person, this person’s name and contact information must still be entered in both areas.
      • Session Preference
        • Enter your preferred type of Session from: Presentation, Panel Discussion, Round Table, Lightning Session, or Workshop/Focused Tech
  5. Click the Submit button, located at the lower left corner of the page.
    • You must Submit your abstract for it to be saved for future editing. If you leave this page without submitting, all entered data will be lost.
    • The My Abstracts tab is where you can review, edit, or delete any of your abstracts after they’ve been submitted. You may edit or delete abstracts until January 12, 2018.  Emails are not sent after submission.  If you log in and can see your abstracts on the My Abstracts tab, you have successfully submitted your abstract.
  6. When you’ve entered all your abstracts, please click on the Logout tab to log out of your account

Thank you for your submission!