Lightning Session

Lightning Session

In addition to individual presentations, panel discussions, roundtables and focused tech sessions, we would like to invite participants to submit abstracts to participate in “lightning topic” sessions.

These sessions will be organized with either a tech or field focus, and will include a number of 5 to 7 minute presentations.

  • For Tech lightning presentations, this might involve quickly introducing a technological solution or implementation that helped any aspect of operations at your shop.
  • For Field lightning presentations, it could consist of a brief methodological experiment report, or a description of a new protocol that improved some aspect of a project’s efficiency or success.

Please note, if your topic seems more appropriate for a longer presentation or a panel discussion, you may be contacted by the program team to ask you to present in one of those categories. Please include a detailed description of your topic when you submit your abstract.

These sessions will be a great opportunity for attendees to present something at the conference that would not normally qualify for a full presentation submission. Write a piece of code that improved efficiency in your shop? Design an experiment that helped reduce costs on a project? Present it here!