9F – Methods for Systems and Specifications Development

Methods for Systems and Specifications Development
Presentation & Discussion: Field Tech (Soft Tech)
9F - Tech

1:30 pm-2:45 pm on Tuesday, 05/23/2017


Bill Connett, UM-Survey Research Center

Session Focus

These presenters will give us insight into how software development is done at their centers, including both theory and practical examples.

  • Messy Solutions for Messy Problems: Scheduling and Surveying with Schools - Marie Nitschke, University of Wisconsin Survey Center
  • How to Translate Sticky Notes into Technical Specifications - Holly Ackerman, UM - Survey Research Center
  • The "Agility" to Improve: The Use of Agile Development to Satisfy NORC Stakeholder's Case Management System Upgrade Requirements - Vicki Wilmer, NORC at the University of Chicago


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