9E – Mixed Mode Study Issues

Mixed Mode Study Issues
Presentation & Discussion: Survey Methodology
9E - Field

3:15pm-4:30pm on Tuesday, 5/22/2018


  • What Does a Transformed Field Operation Look Like? - Stephen Woodland, Office for National Statistics
  • Constructing a Sampling Frame of Family Caregivers of People Receiving Medicaid-Funded Services: A Hard-to-Reach Population - Donna Perlmutter MHS, IMPAQ International, LLC; Jacob Joseph-David MA, IMPAQ International, LLC; Leanne Clark-Shirley, IMPAQ International, LLC; Ann Middleton MPH, IMPAQ International, LLC; Noelle Poirier, IMPAQ International, LLC; Frost Hubbard, IMPAQ International, LLC; Kelsey Walter, IMPAQ International, LLC
  • Strategies to Increase Response Rates in a National Longitudinal Panel Survey of Low Income Medicare and Medicaid Recipients - Marielle S. Weindorf, DataStat, Inc.; Beverly Weidmer, RAND
  • When Disaster Strikes: Effects of a Natural Disaster on a Longitudinal Field Research Project - Jen Parker, RAND Corporation
  • Operational Challenges to Telephone and Mail Data Collection in Areas Disrupted by Natural Disasters - Amie Conley, NORC at the University of Chicago