12B – Paradata

Presentation & Discussion
12B - Field

9:00 am-10:15 am on Wednesday, 05/24/2017

Grand Ballroom I

Joyce Sweeney, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Session Focus

This session describes various ways survey research organizations are using paradata from field, phone, and web surveys to improve production management, data quality, survey response, and instrument design.

  • Managing the Production Schedules of Economic Surveys in the Integrated Business Statistics Program at Statistics Canada - Judy Lee, Statistics Canada; Sandra Venturino, Statistics Canada
  • Incorporating the Collection of New Observational Pre-Interview Paradata in the General Social Survey (GSS) - Jodie Smylie, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • Implementing a Third-Party Email Delivery and Management Service - Andrew L. Hupp, UM-Survey Research Center; Leah Roberts, UM-Survey Research Center; Andrew D. Piskorowski, UM-Survey Research Center
  • Field Representatives' Interactions with the SIPP Instrument - Holly Fee, U.S. Census Bureau


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