7F – Project and Contact Management

Project and Contact Management
Presentation & Discussion: Field Tech (Soft Tech)
7F - Tech

10:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/22/2018

Grand Mesa A

Zack Schwartz, U.S. Census Bureau

Session Focus
There are many challenges in project and staff management, as well as contact management.  These presentations will focus on some technical solutions and strategies employed by different survey shops for grappling with these challenges.

  • IT Schedule Template for Survey Support Systems - Zack Schwartz, U.S. Census Bureau
  • A Data-Driven Control System Model for Tracking Complex, Inter-related Follow-up Events and Incentives - Steve Gomori, RTI International
  • The Effect of Applying Targeted Timing to Manually Sent Text Messages for Self-Administered Web Survey - Leah M Roberts, UM-Survey Research Center (UM-SRC)
  • Not the Usual Suspects: Looking to Sales and Marketing Software for Longitudinal Cancer Epidemiology Cohort Recruitment and Data Management - Jennifer Benbow, City of Hope
  • Using the Canvas LMS for Better Staff Management - Nick Schultz, University of Wisconsin Survey Center