2D – Small Shop Panel

Small Shop Panel
Panel Discussion: Center Management and Staff Training
2D - Field

10:45am-12:00pm on Monday, 5/21/2018

Grand Mesa E

David Northrup, York University - Institute for Social Research

Session Focus
Insights into how smaller shops deal with changes in survey methods, maintain research expertise and cope with changing volumes of work and resulting budget fluctuations have often been part of the conversation, discussion and debate at the Small Shops session at the IFD&TC.  This Small Shops Panel is the first of two sessions aimed at small and medium sized shops in the 2018 conference.  As in past conferences, the Small Shops Panel is designed to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas, and adapting to change to insure that your shop prospers.  To start the conversation, a panel member will outline briefly their Center's challenges and experiences on one of three topics that will be of interest to all survey centers.  Kelleigh Trepanier, from the Burruss Institute at Kennesaw State University will start the Panel by addressing issues of Financial and Sustainability Issues at Small Shops.  Jody Fox (Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology at Iowa State) will start a conversation on the struggle to deal with Staffing and Related Issues when Volumes of Work at Small Shops are in a constant state of flux.  Mark Miazga of the University of Minnesota's Office of Measurement Services will review recent efforts at his shop on Marketing and Changing Services Provided by a Smaller Institute.

  • David Northrup, York University - Institute for Social Research
  • Kelleigh Trepanier, A.L. Burruss Institute - Kennesaw State University
  • Jody Fox, Iowa State University - CSSM
  • Mark Miazga, University of Minnesota