10F – Tech Showcase

Tech Showcase
Presentation & Discussion
10F - Tech

3:15 pm-4:30 pm on Tuesday, 05/23/2017


Julie Brown, RAND Survey Research Group

Session Focus

Try out an array of tech offerings for yourself. Get to know the software / technology hands-on with assistance from demonstrators who use it at their own center.

  • Accessibility of Web Surveys on Mobile Devices - Lawrence A. Malakhoff, U.S.Census Bureau
  • Touchifying Computer Assisted Blaise Screening Applications - Karl Dinkelmann, UM - Survey Research Center
  • RedCap Demo - Diana Roll, University of Washington
  • Sterling Survey System Demo - Augie Salick, University of Wisconsin Survey Center; Chris Schlapper, University of Wisconsin Survey Center
  • Multi-Mode Features of Blaise 5 - Joseph Nofziger, RTI International; Orin Day, RTI International; R Suresh, RTI International


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