IFD&TC 50th Annual Conference
May 15th – May 18th, 2016

2016 Program and Presentations
2016 Attendees

Invited Addresses:

IFD&TC at 50: Celebrate the Past, Embrace the Future

Couper Page 1
Mick P. Couper
University of Michigan and Joint Program in Survey Methodology

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center
Research Professor, Survey Research Center
Ph.D., University of Cape Town

Dr. Couper’s current research interests include survey non-response, design and implementation of survey data collection, effects of technology on the survey process, and computer-assisted interviewing, including both interviewer-adminstered (CATI and CAPI) and self-administered (web, audio-CASI, IVR) surveys. Many of his current projects focus on the design of web surveys.

Leading Through Change

Tim Gabel
Executive Vice President, Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences

Tim J. Gabel is the executive vice president of Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences (SSES) and is helping guide RTI’s Big Data strategy. Mr. Gabel joined RTI in 1983 with technical training in both statistics and computer science and has served in a variety of leadership roles during his career, including the head of the Research Computing Division and the vice president for Survey and Computing Sciences. Mr. Gabel helped pioneer RTI’s early efforts to conceptualize and develop Internet applications for research activities and has extensive experience directing data collection and data processing activities for scientific research studies. Now he is leading the effort to align RTI to meet the demands of big data so that RTI’s researchers can answer questions that until recently, were impossible to quantify.